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So I whiled away  time,

it was worth so many nickels, dimes

if I sat counting them, it would never end.

I walked into one room and the next,

looked up the ceiling, went to take some rest.

Scoured the marble floor for face patterns

to look at, and behold, found

some grinning, some evil,

some with faces strange,

some others, clouds topped with meringue.

Peered into the laptop, squinting aside,

for too much screen time,

does not work for your eyes.

So there was I, whiling away time.

the clouds rumbled some mumble jumble,

it went dark, for I was whisked away to

space in an apparent race,

to beat time at it’s own game.

Floating in a vacuum, in a black hole,

as comfy as can be,

I won’t be home anytime you see!!



Any thoughts ?

Picture credit :- Photography mad.

The Waters…


In the Waters of Writing,

flow tides of enamoured desires.

Love, arrow stricken bleeds

casting a reddish hue onto

churning waves, frothy white

despair dipped, depths red inked

lashing out in a frenzy.

These are unsaid words.

swords unsheathed with life.



Oshun:- West African goddess of sweet waters,beauty,love and artistry.

Picture credit Pinterest

Artist:-Annelie ( As mentioned in the image)

Spiral Love




Spiral into nothing

flashback into reality

become Time

watch forwards, watch backwards

emotional rewinds

scatter into many pieces

come together as one.

Be the seasons, become the reason

for you and me.

Spiral love.