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Debut at the World Book Fair,New Delhi 2018.

The debut of my poetry book ‘Of Silhouette Words & Moonflowers’ at the World Book Fair 2018 in New Delhi.Delighted it is being displayed and  given a worldwide platform.

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I walk the lines, I walk the lines

Straight, more often the roundabout way

So round in circles, I go

On the outlines of the sun moon

The pencil points of the planets,  the stars

The trajectories of comets, asteroids from afar.

Square pegs of houses , mountainous triangles

Round pegs of golf courses, bridge like arches

Tiled rhombuses of pretty little cottages

Oval gardens , happy crazy mazes

The straight lines of amorous gazes.

Edges of  mirrors that distort reality

Honeycombs pentagonal abuzz with life

I walk the lines, yeah , I walk the lines

They morph into curves of thoughts

Where ending where starting

Even I don’t know !

And now there I am on

The sheer faces of cliffs

The  linear mutations of the waves, glaciers

The jagged rocks of time

Lines of icebergs  and ships sunken .

The neurons of the writing minds

Sparking with the words, energized connections

The curves of the river banks

The minuteness of a particle of sand

The downward path of the teardrop

The upward curve of a smile

I walk the lines, yeah, I walk the lines

The ones in front of my eyes and mind.

To infinity and beyond.



picture credit:- Smithsonian Magazine

A tourist walking through one of the biggest labyrinths in South Africa, in Hogsback.

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