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A Step Away

A quote on my poem ‘Step Away’ published yesterday.


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Step away

A step away, deep in the layers of Time,

a flinching, hesitant Word,

stands speechless bound.

Hate is in the way.

Gory ugly visages,

staring in reddened starkness, so untold.

Time nods in disbelief,

What is to be?

Truth is the Word’s heart.

Hate, always miles away from that arc,

with unsheathed swords covered in untruths blood.

A step away from liberty, the Word walks a tight rope on thorns of Fate,

It decides to shout out loud,

the truth of its soul.

Paring away the darknesses of hate,

shines a light on a foregone age.

The Sun shines a benign glow,

maybe there is still hope some more.



Picture credit:- Rivers in the oceans