The Words walked down the dark alley,

A furtive glance here there.

Shuttered windows, shaded corners,

shadows lurking, gory smiles,

mark frosted trails in their wake.

The moon hangs low, it’s silver glow

entwined in nightmarish grime.

Street lamps flicker, with an

otherworldly stamp.

Sadness seeps red in bricks damp,

voices in horror clamp.

Hooded eyes, hidden pry

for a stumble,a cry.

Teardrops fall from grey skies,

The Words, drenched,

scurry away,

They have had enough.



Picture credit Pixabay


Twisted are those gnarly vines that snake out from under the ground. Sown in the ground many centuries ago,they have sprouted and now make for an ugly picture. Coloured a wicked grey, the surface covered in sharp thorns, slimy. Shadows run alongside, guarding this piece of unclaimed hell that juts out from the nether regions of the underworld. The vines reach out to gobble the hapless moon strung out on the blood crescent night.The stars flicker dimly, trying to hide from the darknesses that seeks their light.The mist whirls into shapes of the night creatures seeking the blood of man.Thirsty, they howl to announce their mission , sending shivers down the spines of the living .The Dark has arrived, the wind shrieks his name out of fright, for it has lost the voice of it’s own. On the quicksands of deceit, fear crawls on unseen wings.This is what gives the Dark’s prey away.


Smouldering Fires

The darkness plays hide seek.

Slipping in between light and shadows,

crawls around on all fours, a sleight of cunning deceit.

Revelling in minds sad bereft of hope while,

Smouldering fires of Time devour moments so missed, regretted.

To ashes are remnants of love buried in beating hearts.

Choking on them till the days last.

Time doesn’t wait, darknesses wait to set upon the uneasy souls.



Picture credit Pinterest

The Dark :- Hauntings



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Of all the places, the door was an unlikely target. The shadow took a fancy to it plonking itself inside the brass ring ornament hanging in the middle of that unlucky door. It would play with it , causing a ruckus inside the confused household, they couldn’t make out who was at the door, and why any one would continuously play such a naughty prank, day in and day out.

Only the little girl,  Julie could see the shadow as it darted up and down the door, twirling around the brass ring , causing a continuous din. The shadow loved its little solitary audience, eventually following her around the house. What to say about what followed ! Mysterious happenings had the family in a tizzy. Much to their chagrin, Julie was the only one amused by it all.

Days passed, seasons changed.The years rolled on by. The house stands isolated, now abandoned.The tinkle of a brass ring can be heard at times.Follow the sound, it leads up a gravel driveway to a weather-beaten door. A voice can be heard, amid giggles.” Would you like to play?”



Picture credit:- The Savvy Bostonian

 The Face




The face,

oblong squared, oval tapered

staring , inside from the window pane

as I passed the shops, on the way home

It would smile, frown, giggle

shifty eyes,  a languid gape

a plethora of images wafting scattered

all over the place

I looked around, no one was to be found

till I saw a shadow, twice the length of me

following quite surreptitiously!

My interest piqued, I gave it a closer look

turning round and round,

till my head swirled confound !

It got up from the ground,

saying “Have you had enough?”

Laughing, rolling on all fours

Saying ” This is the part, I enjoy the most!!”

Cheeky shadow ! Argh !!

I don’t mind it following  me anymore,

We are friends from long ago,

A trio of shadows were we,

way behind on Time’s watch

having some fun on the run

from the Dark,

the third one is  somewhere

around here, Maybe !!



Picture is from a temple in Kyoto , otagi nenbutsuji, known for its hidden faces

The Dark  lives



On the cliffs, high above the sea crashing on to the rocks stoic, the clouds hang low today as if to hide something away. They cling to the craggy rocks seeping into the inner chambers of long held secrets. The sun disappears into the haze, confused about where to be, strung among strings of whims of the earthly elements.For once he doesn’t seem to be the master of all he surveys. The earth moves in tectonic shifts but they hardly make a ripple on the surface,yet changing in  the  unforseen ways, how the world will be centuries from now. Life is often rattled by the machinations of the  dark forces that flow on wings of whims, so seemingly out of control. The wind sweeps away in currents light and fast, moving quickly among shadows that want to conquer by all means the land of the earthly beings, who so wilfully go about their business not concerned about what they are doomed to.The cracks of their follies go deep down into the bowels of the earth, where nothing survives but the wrath of the the misunderstood and the ones who want to shriek to the skies but are mute by choice , waiting for the first light of their day of reckoning.







The night crawls

in the tick-tock of the clock

on all fours, stretched out thin

a stranglehold of Time

It forces the breath out dry

a gathering of shadows that close in

wanting to know

where you have been

for nothing escapes the many eyes of the night

A dream ?



photocredit :- pixabay

Dark 10

Never again, said the fidgety shadow, squirming on the ground. The thin, almost non existent speck of a shadow straightened itself up , mumbling about the unfairness of it all. It had lost almost all of its strength trying to get to the other side. The dark wouldn’t have him there. Why? because it was of no use . The little shadow prided itself in its scary tactics, jumping up on people out of the unlikeliest of places. Shoes, purses, cookie jars. Why even dressing table drawers!! It remembered the time it became a spooky horn in the phone booth, driving people crazy and wild, every time they tried to call someone. Such ingenuity needed to be appreciated more. So much for the  much touted, wicked intelligence of the dark. Boring , routine bound dark. The little shadow felt sorry for the dark. The red tape of ferrying souls, same old oft repeated spells and listless dark magic rituals. Imagine being doing the same things all the time! It was time to shake things up around the other world, the little shadow decided. Maybe a bit of sneaky antics would get it some well deserved attention. The dark was in for a jolting ride, or so the little shadow thought.



The Flicker…..




It was a flicker of light

that passed by my side

thinking nothing of it, I let it go

maybe a stray thought that went floating by

looking for attention, but why?

The flicker grew on me

passing by suddenly, too frequently

till I looked it in the eye, staring it down

it gave a smile, curling up on the corner of the wall

chuckling to itself, what was so funny?

I haven’t been able to understand till this day

Anyway, it bothers me no more

the flicker still hangs from the ceiling

or plays by the corner by itself

chuckling to itself, flitting from

webbed candlesticks to flaming torches

my companion of old

I stay at the castle across the road

long have I lived in the cold hallways of yore

A silhouette of past times, I watch you

as time passes by

the flicker  does get bored at times

just so that you know.



picture credit; iphoneschoolofphotography





Dark 9

The clouds rumbled and lightning struck the ground in a kind of frenzy. Not once, not twice, but many times. It was day but the light was eclipsed by the heavy laden black clouds, waiting to pour in an instant. It seemed that the rain would be down any minute, pouring like there would be no tomorrow. The dark stood in the middle of the field, arms outstretched like lengthening shadows. It was pleased. It even sang a mournful tune, did a prance around rather clumsily. For it, this was the perfect time as all that was in sight was shrouded in darkness. It was in its element, the darkness. The other worlds waited with bated breath, for this respite to end.Then it would be back to work again.