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The Song of Love

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Whistling, singing on wings of an errant gust of wind,

A song flew on chiming notes of happiness.

It turned towards the skies, dived to the ground,

skimmed waters of oceans vast.

The song was somebody’s lovelorn heart.

Leaping across the rainbows, burrowing itself in the pot of golden hearts, scattering wishes hopes far and wide.

Till it found itself in a dark place,

Grim brooding was this wasteland.

The song was caught in melancholic tunes

of heartbroken times.

Thrashing in the confines of destiny, unrequited ardour.

It faded away into the echoes of Time.

Listen closely, you can still hear it, searching for an echo in a lost love’s heart.





YouTube video credit Big Mountain

Picture:- Pixabay