The Garden.

What if you could travel back in time, where would you go back to?

Childhood memories!!

Always wanted to write them down, a prompt by Mirakee showed the way!!


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India Art Fair 2018

A spectacular show of world art curated from around the world. Paintings, sculptures, mixed mediums and so much more!! Here are some pictures of the event.A wonderful day out!!😊🌻


Rocks:- Barabar caves

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The steep climb does not deter the spirit.The echoes of the ages is seeped into these rocks.The chants and solemn vows ring in the echoing chambers of the caves so strenuously carved into the mountainsides.Heads bowed before the infallibility of time ,the fragility of life, the monks through the years of time gone past, walking the paths to salvation.Those invisible lines of faith, we mere mortals seek on our daily existence.Ragged grey rocks stand as  testimonials to the divine sustenance of mother nature,even in the bowels of darkened caves.The faith that one is not alone in the universe, all the elements rally to rise above the dusty plains of life to eternal life sublime.The skies hang low, bowing to the grandeur of stoic mother earth, from whom life giving mists rise to the heavens, sustenance for all. Mute sculptures watch passersby, as they wander with awe filled gazes. Standing for centuries, chiseled emotions in stone, cold to touch, in the barren land wait for the kiss of life.The rock caves stand till this day, echoes reverberating in the search for salvation.

Cave_Architecture_of_Mauryan_Empire_1di-7309_0017_bihar-barabar-caves-benoy-behl93-034-03_simages (5)

Some images….a real natural and man-made wonder…awesome and awe-inspiring!



This post is inspired by the majestic Barabar caves in Jehanabad, Bihar.They are among the world’s oldest caves. India abounds in cave temples.Read on in the link below.

A Visit


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A day trip to a hidden gem in New Delhi, Sanskriti Pratishtan . Serene surroundings and beautiful art work . Read more about this foundation at this link.



Picture credit:- Sanskriti Pratishtan