So I whiled away  time,

it was worth so many nickels, dimes

if I sat counting them, it would never end.

I walked into one room and the next,

looked up the ceiling, went to take some rest.

Scoured the marble floor for face patterns

to look at, and behold, found

some grinning, some evil,

some with faces strange,

some others, clouds topped with meringue.

Peered into the laptop, squinting aside,

for too much screen time,

does not work for your eyes.

So there was I, whiling away time.

the clouds rumbled some mumble jumble,

it went dark, for I was whisked away to

space in an apparent race,

to beat time at it’s own game.

Floating in a vacuum, in a black hole,

as comfy as can be,

I won’t be home anytime you see!!



Any thoughts ?

Picture credit :- Photography mad.

‘I’ phone !!

The tall monolithic ‘I’

Centre point of the universe.

The Ego wrap .

The ‘I’.

Staying to fight, wrong or right.

The Prism prison of Me.

Me, me only me.

Caught in the screen light

of the mobile phone.

Staring into abysses unknown

The tall monolithic ‘I’.

Life light warped into pixels of

Likes, Thumbs up, heart shaped desires.

The silences cry, for it was,

will always be ‘I’.

Please move aside,

for I have waves of internet to surf.

This will take a while?



This is a write, that wrote itself .

I need to put my thinking cap to figure it out.

Oh boy!!😊✌️👋

Picture credit:- naked planet.

Forward on

March on, forwards and backwards

Left right left right

To the side, right left right left

Out across the fields and the crooked tiles

Ah! Time flies !

On to the brooks and streams

March on the pebbles that gleam

Splash the water with your boot seams!

Look ahead , left right left right

Into the dark woods you go

Faster than the creepers, why are you so slow?!

Even snails walk spiffy, get up there in a jiffy!

Off you go, right left left right

Halt , stop!!

Why are your faces  sweaty mops ?

A hundred situps on the spot !

Not a question you lazy lot!

Up down, not a frown.

So on it goes, the training show

Poor chaps, tired as tires flat.

No respite any time soon !!

There is a spaceship going to the moon

They will be on it, guinea pigs,this platoon

Don’t tell them ,they will swoon! 😁



Pied Piper

Words stop by, looking askance at me for directions,

I wave them away, flustered,

for I don’t know what is going on!


I am a traveller of different time zones.

A new place, town, cliff at sundown.


The pages flip by quickly,

In this story of my life

Till now, my history is a mystery.


Jumping one comma to full stop,

I find myself sitting on wisdom’s rock.

All noddy and wise.


Ah! Surprise!

The blank pages have filled with stories,

I so long to have told !!

And it is time for the ending to unfold.



The moon beckons in misty  winking wiles,

Enchanting smiles.

Maybe some other time !!

That’s me, the Pied Piper of errant lines.😁




I wrote about the upsides and downsides of all that happened

I forgot the middles, go betweens

Have beens, unseens , the seens

It rubbed off some of the sheen

Varnished  edges a bit

The story wasn’t too lit

Came back to bite me !

Oh! how hard it bit !!

So now I write about this that

The world is very flat ,sky is green

The earth is blue, oceans are in space

stars walk the ground , moon is not to be found

Sun is not so round, wind is a big bubble

All green is stubble, as for the rabble and the rubble of humanity,

It is in deep trouble

I dare not go there, for I stumble

My writings are a bumble, I ramble and rumble all the way

Reality as I see it crumbles

Have a good day….?



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Words, words everywhere !

Not a sentence on the brink.

Gotta have something to drink!

Up above the clouds so high,

Lie the story horizons so shy.

I reach out, clawing at whiffs of clouds,

Maybe a rainbow has the storyline.

The birds fly south, for the winter is to come.

The sun has begun his hide and seek run.

I sit half buried in snow,

as the cold winds begin to blow,

clutching my writing pad,

feeling so sad.

The Book Queen rides by on her icy sleigh

giving me a cold glare

Help!  I despair

I rest my case right now, cause I am neither here nor there!😳



Injo —- Storyteller— Part 3




Stories that regale, stare at you in the face.

Ones which fox, deceive yet make believe,

that the rosy rainbow clouds are for real.


Words doing the dance, samba, the waltz,

tapping away in rhythmic steps, happen to do the same

with a scraggly  brain!


The tales that spit your guts out, bloodied, macarbe,

screaming with no wits about!


Injo tells them in as many details, each word measured,

split in between , diced, deep fried, tossed, marinated,

cooked with elan, served with shining eyes and twisted smiles.


Living in a fantasy land, with much elan

head in the skies, squinching in the bright light,

never giving anything away,  a deadpan expression

is his forte!

Hark !! Injo Away !!




having fun, being seeing too many cooking shows!😉😅

picture credit :- Pixabay




Sunday And Monday



A Sunday mentioned Monday

Monday mentioned Tuesday

While all this mentioning was going on

Another day creeped in,

Called the Nothing day

Wedging itself between the Sunday

And the Monday

Sunday was besides itself with joy

Another day to sleep and enjoy

Monday was besides with sorrow

The agony was prolonged !!

Tuesday jumped with happiness, a skip

Hop skip hop skip

It was now Monday’s headache

Life was at a perfect pitch….😊



Idea 5-A Daydreamers Tale



The  mighty ship sailed on waters deep

Way upon the horizons of the seas

The idea stood on the deck

Festooned in all finery

Of being the captain of this ship

Out there in oceans vast, just a speck

Ho ho and a bottle of rum !

The idea was on the run

Far away from the daily haggle and babble

Of  boring land life

It was where the dolphins swam

In feisty, wind lashed waves

The sharks and the kraken lurked

On billowy underwater graves

Atlantis was within reach

How? Do not ask, will not speak

Coves of treasures beckoned

Songs of mermaids, the idea heard

dazed and lovelorn

in silent misty nights, I reckon.


It drifted to shore one day

All haggard and grey

But a glint in the eyes

Gave the idea away

It sat down besides the fireplace

Regaled all with stories of lands

wicked and rich

adventures, fast and swift

The words drifted down to the journal

happy to find a place to finally sleep

As for the idea, I find it hard to confined keep!!




Another tale!!   🙂






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Idea 4 – A Daydreamer’s Tale




The idea was walking through the garden

Saw a mound of earth

Stared at it for what it was worth

Jumped up into air, dove right in

without a care

Met the mole who was busy digging a tunnel

Hollered, how do you do?

Chit chatted, got the latest news

from the underground world deep  earthy funnels.

Waved a cheery hello to Mr Rabbit

who was busy chewing a carrot

while playing with cards tarot

Got into a fancy jig with a couple of dancing earthworms

Enjoyed every bit !

Continued its journey into the bowels of the earth

Had a roller coaster ride on the mantle , spinning wildly around

Carelessly dipped it’s fingers into the hot  molten core

Yelled out expletives a score !

Nursing burnt fingers, made a beeline for the top

Came out at the other end , looking  somewhat woefully lost

On an island in the middle of nowhere

Waves and waves of waters

The idea sits there looking out to the ocean

For a ship to come passing by

Waiting in the coconut tree’s shade

Sipping a bottle of rum

found in a casket belonging to a pirate on the run

So if you see an idea waving from a faraway island

pay heed and write it  down please,

for god knows where it will be off to , you see !

(The fingers healed well )

Soaked in happy rum !



Another story out of the thought factory…I had fun!!