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The door lay ajar,

knob twisted apart.

A ladder hung from the ceiling

swaying gently, as if heeding,

the unvoiced .

Curtains billowed in icy winds,

froze innards grim

Anchors lay strewn across

buried half in earth,

while bits, pieces flew around,

it was me.

A story weighed down.


Picture credit Pixabay


The Words walked down the dark alley,

A furtive glance here there.

Shuttered windows, shaded corners,

shadows lurking, gory smiles,

mark frosted trails in their wake.

The moon hangs low, it’s silver glow

entwined in nightmarish grime.

Street lamps flicker, with an

otherworldly stamp.

Sadness seeps red in bricks damp,

voices in horror clamp.

Hooded eyes, hidden pry

for a stumble,a cry.

Teardrops fall from grey skies,

The Words, drenched,

scurry away,

They have had enough.



Picture credit Pixabay

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Chatter on the radio

endless stream of illogical words,

A song, a screech

Piercing sounds of nails on a blackboard

Humming, a drum drumming

Pitter patter sounds of water or ghost feet?

dreams, nightmares a sweet treat

jangled nerves, little city sleep

boarded up houses, stairs creaking

chairs pushed by unseen hands

The chatter inane insane

A mad hatter, a cheshire cat,

smiling at all that

The radio,

now, sings a lullaby come along.

The walls close in slilently.



picture credit :- Pixabay


Unfold into another reality, seen and unseen….

New post up….a sudden thought and this poem was written…. Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places!!🌻🌹🤠

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Loneliness stopped by for a while

bringing silence as his companion.

The wind whistled shrilly through the door.

“Tell him to go back !

He is not your friend for evermore !”

I watched him as he made himself comfortable,

stopping the clock’s chime.

Dark corners began to have a life of their own,

dancing in delight,

flickers of light , so merry, so sad

A blight.

Silence settled down into

corners and nooks,

breathing heavily, for it was cold.

An icy breeze filled the house,

swaying the curtains in out.

A dreary pace now had life.

There were no cries, no strife.

A calmness that held anger in chains bound.

Ah ! I heard Loneliness had stopped by,

I had to say good bye.

It wasn’t my fight.