A train journey!

A train journey.

Thoughts while travelling in a train.

Ruminations of the travelling kind!

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Whiffsy Time Traveller!!

New poem!!

I have been away too long from WordPress, as I have been busy.

Here are two posts back to back!

Good to be here again, let me know what you think of this poem!!


New article up on The Uncommon Box!!

New article written by me on


An interesting read!!

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Happy Independence Day!!


Who am I?

Who am I?

A drop in a ceaseless ocean of time?

A writer lost in those waters?

Thoughts weighed in anchors,

Struggling to break free?

Who am I?


New article up !! On TheUncommonBox !!

Check out this new article written by me on the #theuncommonbox,

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North Star.

“Love divine, star shine,

Guide the love lorn

to their heart’s home.”


New poem!

North Star! Find us.❀️❀️🌻