When words fall

on the ground.

They have been tossed,

shaken and stirred.

A swirl of ice freezes emotions,

a dip of thoughts lemon crushed.

They get up and walk to the


A tad stumbling, not very sure.

The destination is unknown.

A walk down the lonely road.

Alone once again.



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So I whiled away  time,

it was worth so many nickels, dimes

if I sat counting them, it would never end.

I walked into one room and the next,

looked up the ceiling, went to take some rest.

Scoured the marble floor for face patterns

to look at, and behold, found

some grinning, some evil,

some with faces strange,

some others, clouds topped with meringue.

Peered into the laptop, squinting aside,

for too much screen time,

does not work for your eyes.

So there was I, whiling away time.

the clouds rumbled some mumble jumble,

it went dark, for I was whisked away to

space in an apparent race,

to beat time at it’s own game.

Floating in a vacuum, in a black hole,

as comfy as can be,

I won’t be home anytime you see!!



Any thoughts ?

Picture credit :- Photography mad.





Chatter on the radio

endless stream of illogical words,

A song, a screech

Piercing sounds of nails on a blackboard

Humming, a drum drumming

Pitter patter sounds of water or ghost feet?

dreams, nightmares a sweet treat

jangled nerves, little city sleep

boarded up houses, stairs creaking

chairs pushed by unseen hands

The chatter inane insane

A mad hatter, a cheshire cat,

smiling at all that

The radio,

now, sings a lullaby come along.

The walls close in slilently.



picture credit :- Pixabay

The Waters…


In the Waters of Writing,

flow tides of enamoured desires.

Love, arrow stricken bleeds

casting a reddish hue onto

churning waves, frothy white

despair dipped, depths red inked

lashing out in a frenzy.

These are unsaid words.

swords unsheathed with life.



Oshun:- West African goddess of sweet waters,beauty,love and artistry.

Picture credit Pinterest

Artist:-Annelie ( As mentioned in the image)


Unfold into another reality, seen and unseen….

New post up….a sudden thought and this poem was written…. Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places!!🌻🌹🤠

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Love Denied



These words are in the way

scattered, inane

climbing the steps of abysses.

I have wept

crawled on all fours

trying to know more.

Why do I fall so deep within

the cages of those glorious eyes?

Swept into oceans of emotions.

Gasping in fitful breaths of

leftover love,

You throw my way.

Couldn’t care less, could you?

I give way….I go away.





Loneliness stopped by for a while

bringing silence as his companion.

The wind whistled shrilly through the door.

“Tell him to go back !

He is not your friend for evermore !”

I watched him as he made himself comfortable,

stopping the clock’s chime.

Dark corners began to have a life of their own,

dancing in delight,

flickers of light , so merry, so sad

A blight.

Silence settled down into

corners and nooks,

breathing heavily, for it was cold.

An icy breeze filled the house,

swaying the curtains in out.

A dreary pace now had life.

There were no cries, no strife.

A calmness that held anger in chains bound.

Ah ! I heard Loneliness had stopped by,

I had to say good bye.

It wasn’t my fight.


Streets of flowing Time.

As I walked along

on the streets of flowing Time

you were there, a few steps behind.

Smiling a wiry smile, a twinkle

in the eye,

watching bemused ,

as I searched for you.

With rosy sunglasses

tinted views adorned,

looking for love in all the

wrong places.

Only a matter of sweet seconds,

before you crossed my path,

catching me,

as I was falling apart.

On the streets of flowing Time.



Picture credit is mine!!😊🌻💖

Streets of Hong Kong.