The Road….

The Road beckons,

All glitzy, rose tinted, aglow

dreams, fantasies, all that

and much more!!πŸ’•


Having learnt the hard way

I turn away to the little fork

down across the road,

For it leads to goals ,hard work,

passion, grit, no frills.

It leads to mountains to climb,🏞️

shadows of dark to fight,🌌

to love the inner light,

I so long to shine.🌟


The Road is for me no more.πŸ™‹




Author: tejaswini22

Words flow in the writings of life,seeking meaning .Thoughts gather and confer where to go next.The destination is a pretext,the journey opens doors ,just so that one can see beyond the clouded horizons .Welcome to my profile. I am a poet and writer.I write under the pen name of tejaswiniaura, which means bright aura. I am an avid traveller and reader.

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