Think of you

Thinking of you,

gales of emotions

swirl to envelope

this little space in my heart.


Clouds gather in ominous

darkness, all blackish grey

pouring down in torrents

somber reality’s rain.


I find myself awash in

rhythms of mundane life.

Strangely at peace, but this is not

what I seek.




New quote on my recent post Faces a few days ago.This is an intriguing process, makes one think about the different nuances of the poem .An interesting journey 😊🌻

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Silence, a quote.

New quote on my poem ‘Silence’.

I like this process !!😊🌹
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A sea of faces ,moving breathing

see through them , see them not

Blank, do not care,

lost in mazes of their living

far, far away from

acknowledging who pass close by

with storms brewing in their eyes,

hearts asunder in waters of daily strife


Life goes on, life goes on !!


There’s me, I see you

Yet, you do not see,

Shuffle on, walk on,

with those steps that falter on the cold ground

heads bent to a hesitant strength

failing in the autumn of life

I watch them fade on by.

Right in front of my eyes.

I will never understand why.



Thoughts on life, the inevitable passage of life .


Silence breathes uneasy.

Gaps of reality scour

the last vestiges of normalcy,

turn them into black holes

of understanding.

Nothing passes through the walls of

an imposed silence.

The unquiet of the soul.

Those words that stick to the walls

seeking an egress.

The tears that lie inside dried eyes.

The cold of the room weighs heavy

on the silence.

Seeping into the body, searching for warmth.

Those faint embers of life

wishing to die away.

Melting into the nothingness of the void beyond.



Threads of Time 2

The galaxy swirled in non stop motion,

The comets went whizzing by

Planets stuck to their orbits

Asteroids buzzed along zenlike

Moon was having one of his temperamental fits,

making the tides rise fall.

Sun was burning himself to a crisp.

Time sat nearby,

A silly smile on his lips.

You see he was entangled in the threads of his own making.

Smoothing out the knots, when he forgot

What place and time, the action, the plot !!

Earth was in a tizzy, the future looked fuzzy.

The clocks had stopped.

Evil lurked in the shadows.

Voidless, empty was becoming this place.

Did Fate want it this way?



Threads of Time

A single threadΒ  of Time loops over itself,

a knotty mistake, a rookie’s take,

muttering, when will this end?

The incessant looping, chain stitching.

Endless mutating designs

turning onΒ  themselves all the time.

Time hadn’t thought this through !!

He was the one, in the thick of all things,

Stringy, a looping.

Caught in a web of his own design,

he didn’t seem so strong and fine.

The threads of vice walked all over

the patterns of things sweet and nice.

All a terrible mess, were things

You see,

It needn’t be.

Oh , how Time wished this was a dream !!



A Step Away

A quote on my poem ‘Step Away’ published yesterday.


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Step away

A step away, deep in the layers of Time,

a flinching, hesitant Word,

stands speechless bound.

Hate is in the way.

Gory ugly visages,

staring in reddened starkness, so untold.

Time nods in disbelief,

What is to be?

Truth is the Word’s heart.

Hate, always miles away from that arc,

with unsheathed swords covered in untruths blood.

A step away from liberty, the Word walks a tight rope on thorns of Fate,

It decides to shout out loud,

the truth of its soul.

Paring away the darknesses of hate,

shines a light on a foregone age.

The Sun shines a benign glow,

maybe there is still hope some more.



Picture credit:- Rivers in the oceans

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So delighted to upload this video ,will be uploading more of them soon.A new journey begins, onwards to new horizons !