4th quote.

4th quote on the post  ” A Talk “,

I am loving it !!😊💖

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A Talk.

I talked to the lines.

They swirled up angrily , standing on seamless air,

answered in gusty haste.

‘What do you care?’

‘We bear the burden of your thoughts’

‘So you write a few words and 

are  bumbling off  ‘!!

‘Humdrumming about your writers block,

Like a pesky drone around the corner street ‘ !

‘We have had it, please ‘ !!

I tried to reason with the haughty lines

But their sympathy was not mine !!

So I sit here and wait,

For the dense cloud around my head to dissipate,💭🗯️

All I see are empty  rows of lines upon lines  running away !!

Ideas bounce off my head, waiting for a landing place 🎭

Ah! The chaos and confusion🚨

Welcome to my crazy space!!😊😳



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2nd Quote

My second quote inspired by Ann Patchett

The first line is a quote by Ann Patchett, it is amazing inspiring and l wrote a few lines of my own to add on to it. 😊🌟


empty core, burnished gold

drag on drag on



Cut to the core

burnt inside outside

flogged feelings to nought

empty core, burnished gold

drag on drag on

brag in words, act out in tears

All in a days work.

A happy unhappy human.




A Waltz in Time.





When a clock bell strikes at a certain time, in a  lost town far far away,

a folklore goes….

Whatever there may be to say,  be said

Whatever there may be to do,  be done

Wherever there may be some place to go,  be visited


For as……the bells toll,

An eerie music  unheard of before,

glides into town on the wings of Time.


The drunk melodies waltz on the streets

enchanting passersby, with hypnotic laughs and songs

The paved cobblestones strike a mellifluous beat, leading up to strangely lit houses,

where garbled figures short tall, shadow people throng.


The  night breezes falter  in the aroma of intoxicated blooms

then float away to charm everyone out there,  be it anywhere,  on this day

It is the place of forgotten people,

the remnants of the likes of you and me long gone,

with unfinished businesses at hand.


For as soon, as the bells toll again, the mists of Time roll into town

Nothing will be found amid a deafening hush

Make haste, not much time is left.



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