Split into two, the pieces lie strewn

Lovers hearts cry anew

From wounds healed and fresh

Each day a struggle for breath

Intertwined across distances of time and space

A single unseen thread knots them

into a similar fate.

How will they ever stay away?




Idea infinity

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An idea loops around infinity

walking on the rings of Time

as they curl one up on the other

in a continuum of endless space.

Stars,the pinpoints of its eureka moments dot the black void.

The idea makes its way across heart shaped comets blazing in ardour in a timeless race.

Riding on infinity waves, reachs shores of invisible planets, wondrous in their make.


All it wants is a home, a place to just be,

Imagine, an idea dipped in infinity looking for an anchor in the mindscape

Swathed in imaginations unlimited, it wants a shape, the drapes of solidity in words.

So as to stay, shout out aloud what it always wants to say.

Whisper secrets of ages to oceans tumultuous with life,

Winds wild seek pearls of these waters to enchant lands in its reach

Think of what will be….



The Grey.

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Black and white are not

fleeting moments of life,

Shades of grey stray onto paths

overlapping, crisscrossing

making  play, as footsteps of the ages

walk steep trodden steps,

The living, ghosts of time past,

rubbing shoulders, hollow eyes stare into nothingness.

For it is Fate’s game, leaving imprints whiff like,

reasons, which seasons,

why, not why.


The Grey clouds horizons

as far as the eye can see.

Lines of words rain down,

jostling for a say.

Drenched in so much of meaning,

who can see?

All go separate ways.





In all the crawling of deepest fears that play buried in the mind sands, we churn the grist , make the skies turn around in all directions. The moon out in the day , the sun hiding in the night.The stars fall on to the ground and flowers bloom in the skies.Trees sprout in the clouds, waving their branches in the gusts of wind.Ocean waters splash in little droplets that turn into rainbows running to the vast yonder. Land turns into blue skies that morph into comets with flaming tails spiralling through galaxies and black holes, leaving seeds of new beginnings.The clouds scurry to dissipate into wisps of dreams.Dreams that look for fertile lands filled with tears of faith.The faith that transforms into gentle rivers with miles to go before the ocean gathers them to sprinkle as fairy dust. Fairy dust that waits for the queen of the night to walk into her realm of dark corners and shadows.Of nightmares and knocking cupboards, rattling windows.To drive them away with wands of light.Memories string into knots of thoughts that follow weather-beaten paths of sea splashed cliffs. The paths of time.Moss covered , web patterned , so stuck are we in them.Struggle and you will be in the stillness of no breath.So make all upside down, there is no coming back around.That way, maybe you will survive.


Under the weather

Feeling pretty good about myself

I set out on a quest

Ha ha! That was said in jest

Me , a quest?

I rather sleep and rest

But that was a while ago

The happy vibes and go ahead attitude


the  cold weather jinns got to me

Been sick and grumbly

Cold and sweaty

Am not fine, not all is sunshine

Waiting for the spell to break

I stay awake, miserable

So under the weather!!

Coughing and sneezing away

Oh boy! What a day🤒🤧



Smouldering Fires

The darkness plays hide seek.

Slipping in between light and shadows,

crawls around on all fours, a sleight of cunning deceit.

Revelling in minds sad bereft of hope while,

Smouldering fires of Time devour moments so missed, regretted.

To ashes are remnants of love buried in beating hearts.

Choking on them till the days last.

Time doesn’t wait, darknesses wait to set upon the uneasy souls.



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Watch the lines you write

as they curl up to encircle you, 

they are of your own making.

Step aside if their truth you cannot believe.



Picture credit Pixabay