Rocks:- Barabar caves

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The steep climb does not deter the spirit.The echoes of the ages is seeped into these rocks.The chants and solemn vows ring in the echoing chambers of the caves so strenuously carved into the mountainsides.Heads bowed before the infallibility of time ,the fragility of life, the monks through the years of time gone past, walking the paths to salvation.Those invisible lines of faith, we mere mortals seek on our daily existence.Ragged grey rocks stand as ย testimonials to the divine sustenance of mother nature,even in the bowels of darkened caves.The faith that one is not alone in the universe, all the elements rally to rise above the dusty plains of life to eternal life sublime.The skies hang low, bowing to the grandeur of stoic mother earth, from whom life giving mists rise to the heavens, sustenance for all. Mute sculptures watch passersby, as they wander with awe filled gazes. Standing for centuries, chiseled emotions in stone, cold to touch, in the barren land wait for the kiss of life.The rock caves stand till this day, echoes reverberating in the search for salvation.

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Some images….a real natural and man-made wonder…awesome and awe-inspiring!



This post is inspired by the majestic Barabar caves in Jehanabad, Bihar.They are among the world’s oldest caves. India abounds in cave temples.Read on in the link below.

Thank you !! Celebrating 100’s !!





Thank you for being with me on this journey of self discovery and writing!!

100 posts and a over 100 followers !!

Your support and encouragement means the world and gives me the impetus to write more!!โ˜บ๏ธ

Let us celebrate writing, the connecting of the dots of our lives, connecting them right!

Let us celebrate the artistic wonder of words that run deep in our souls!

A celebration of milestones , the little ones and the big ones in this journey of a digital life intertwined with our real lives!







The abyss is all Nothing

Nothing is a transparent colour

sieving emotions, the shades of every colour.

Words hammer on the echoless ends,

frustrated, warp into screams.

Time stands still, awed at the voids we live in.

Empty lives, empty hearts, words meaningless.

A spark ready to light the lives of others to flames ashes,

Airless worlds do not allow that, abysses exist there.

Swimming in voids, trying hard to breathe,

no one succeeds , even though the sun tries to shine a light

into the abysses of us.





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The day walks past nonchalant,

It doesn’t care.

The night enters, bejewelled  bedecked in the stars of the skies,

Haughty, hard to please, flies away on the wings of the moon’s chariot.

Dawn smiles a bit wan, reddened cheeks, a sliver of hope on clouded horizons.

Morning calls, a shrill cry, echoes reverberating million times

Languid afternoon, is asleep most of the time, a saddened brow a frown.

Evening losing itself, in the charms of liquid gold, icy rocks.

Night will be here soon,

I stand still, frozen in the amber of lost time.



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A Visit


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A day trip to a hidden gem in New Delhi, Sanskriti Pratishtan . Serene surroundings and beautiful art work . Read more about this foundation at this link.



Picture credit:- Sanskriti Pratishtan


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Seconds away, from words that linger on trembling lips and arise from a broken heart

Seconds away, from finding myself in a world without your love

Seconds away, from finding none care, neither do you

Seconds away, from seeing a shattered me, weak in the knees

This hazy cocoon is soft and sweet, ethereal almost. The one that covers my eyes in rosy tints and soul in foolish ardour .

Seconds away, from seeing the real you

I stopped Time, I refuse to let it go by.



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His lovely nightmare- Moment




Poem:- Wishes


Fireflies lead on to the cliffs, sea splashed moss gripped

Hidden are sleepy coves,with theatres of stars peeking from above

It’s a strange place, bonfire lit, sparks glitter sky high

Shooting stars pass by, a dreamy night’s painting of the blue

Flickering are shaded silhouettes of emotion’s hues

Walking silent, entranced by the magic of the moment

The sea breezes come in, laden ย with wishes of worlds,

Wishes never uttered, morph to bright rays

The bonfire glows brightly so more.

The ย wishing stones mark the spot, wishes do come true!




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The Dark :- Hauntings



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Of all the places, the door was an unlikely target. The shadow took a fancy to it plonking itself inside the brass ring ornament hanging in the middle of that unlucky door. It would play with it , causing a ruckus inside the confused household, they couldn’t make out who was at the door, and why any one would continuously play such a naughty prank, day in and day out.

Only the little girl,  Julie could see the shadow as it darted up and down the door, twirling around the brass ring , causing a continuous din. The shadow loved its little solitary audience, eventually following her around the house. What to say about what followed ! Mysterious happenings had the family in a tizzy. Much to their chagrin, Julie was the only one amused by it all.

Days passed, seasons changed.The years rolled on by. The house stands isolated, now abandoned.The tinkle of a brass ring can be heard at times.Follow the sound, it leads up a gravel driveway to a weather-beaten door. A voice can be heard, amid giggles.” Would you like to play?”



Picture credit:- The Savvy Bostonian


My town lies at the crossroads

The crossroads of  life

In the middle of the inbetweens.

The inbetweens of was beens, is beens

will beens.

On a fork down the road, nondescript

faint worldly like,

Stands a sign, hung crookedly

 a tan bemused, while

a passing breeze plays games, 

makes the sign wobble precariously,

rings the words out loud,

Quaint Stay Forever Town โ†–๏ธ

Train To Everywhere Town โ†—๏ธ

The choice is yoursโคด๏ธโ†–๏ธโ†ฉ๏ธโ†ช๏ธ๐Ÿ”„๐ŸŒ


Having fun๐Ÿ‚ for the choices we make lead us to new horizons!!

Chinar Leaf




Autumn walks melancholic, side by side with me

Ablazed colours paint the land in a reddish tint

Feelings, reminiscent of Nature’s turn to the coming cold, set deep into the bones, and soul

Chinar trees tall gaunt, tower to the open skies.

The breezes of autumn play with their leaves, enticing them into the unknown

An orange red paletted chinar leaf waltzes in the wind

seeking paths, a dance defiant.

Not knowing, the destination is a saddened earth brown

To be trodden upon as are dreams.


As the mist deepens, the colours fade

For sunsets are they of former glory

Lost in the caverns of time

For what was once be

Shall no more as be.


I walk on, into the winter of my life.



This post makes me recall Srinagar, Kashmir,where I spent a significant part of my childhood, around six years.It is more a remembrance of us little children running through mounds of chinar leaves piled up on the sides of the mughal gardens, Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh.The rustling and crackling of the leaves rings today as well.Time passes fast, memories are only left.Glorious colours and beautiful scenic views.Kashmir is indeed a paradise.๐Ÿ˜Š

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