Finally it all dawns clear

The sadness,fears, the oh so little lies

Honest in their own way

For in them  live words, slicing fatefully

Through vexed lives ,vacant spaces

You I, now inhabit

Hiding, lest be found from

The truths staring ominous

Making believe a world that no longer exists

For once again, you are alone

Ah ! So alone

Amid the freezing waters of leftover life

It will be a long trek to get over

That mountain of wishes so high

A figment of imagination lost in dreams

Cold reality is what one needs.



Picture credit:- Lucyna Andrysiak



Jagged Edges



This poem “Jagged Edges ” is from my poetry book OF SILHOUETTE WORDS & MOONFLOWERS. It is a part of the Paperboat Trails Theme. Hope you enjoy the poem.







Ah ! Fear

the one which freezes the blood cold

senses numb and straight jacketed

Paused and denied

the freedom of choice

makes the blood boil in retrospect

the other side

gives you wings to fly

resolve to break barriers

conquer the world, yourself

for at times, you have nothing to lose









I write those little lines

That rise up to the sky

Fall into the depths of despair

Wait for the grey skies

Give way to clear horizons

Word by word , step by step

A continuum of thoughts

And me walk on fluted rays

My hope for the days to come

Is somewhere between those lines








The tree is silent, the leaves wave in the slight breeze

Sunlight filters softly through, tip toe on floating rays

It is the Midday of Time

Thoughtful, it slows down

As a gift to be cherished

Before it runs away again

Moments of sadness at the inevitability

Of it all,  trigger longings for more.

For all the swagger and bombast of youth

Riches and mincing words

It is nothing. For in the end,

One is a memory, a song once sung.

A tune that fades away into the echoes

Of the valleys of life.



picture is of a sundial