River Wild



The  huge greyish stone is in the middle of the river. It looks majestic as the waves of the raging waters try to overcome it, but to no avail.

The stone stands its ground,refusing to give into the wiles of the naughty prancing waters.

A couple of smaller rocks are nearby to it, making a sort of a bridge .It is a good vantage point for an intrepid photographer to click awesome pictures of the valley and river.

At nights, when the moon  comes around, a flute can be heard playing. If one turns to face the melodious tunes, a little boy can be seen sitting on that rock playing the flute in a kind of meditative bliss. The soulful sounds  play in symphony with the roaring waters.Time  stands still, as if listening entranced.

The story goes of a little boy being washed away into the river in the monsoon many years ago. He was a shepherd , guarding his father’s flock of sheep as they grazed on the bits of green on the mountainside. He played the flute as the animals grazed in the sparse valley. It is said he was trying to save some sheep from being carried away by the fast currents.

He is still there, a solitary figure caught in a time matrix of his own. Neither here nor there, just in between. Playing his flute so that no one forgets him ,and also a warning to those who come this way.






It rains, it rains

The clouds let go of their burdens

I stand drenched

holding on to sorrows of my own

The raindrops fall on me

in their steady pitter patter, admonishing

for they never waver in their paths

despite being cast out into the unknown

but someone go tell them

what to do when winds of life change direction

even they couldn’t withstand the fury of Time’s gales

for they accompany darkened horizons

that adamantly on forever stay

from where I stand today

the flood is on its way

It rains, it rains.



Picture credit: tentree


The raindrop flying through the air,didn’t mind the gusty winds.They sent him on paths unknown and he loved the view from above.This was the fourth time he was a raindrop.It was better than being a drop in the ocean or lake or falling from a tap.It was rather claustrophobic being in that jostling crowd.The excitement of hurtling down to the earth was fantastic, the views were amazing. He never felt more free and happy as he did being a single raindrop.There was the added bonus of mirroring the colours of the rainbow, which sent the shutterbugs of the skies into a tizzy.He could be featured in the Daily Skies Post too.That would be his dream come true. Meanwhile as he fell from the skies, glad to be away from the grumpy cloud, he sang a song.A happy one.

The path

The path is steep, it has many twists and turns. Moss covered and slippery, and the fog hangs low, nearly hugging the lonesome path. Tall trees loom in the shadows that mark the edges of the forest. The cold wind whispers secrets of the ages to them. They nod in agreement so as to keep the code of silence. I walk the path, as it curves around dark ends, searching for my house. I seem to have lost my way  and been looking to go home for quite some time now. Strangely, this path never ends though familiar landmarks pop up at the right places. The birdhouse, the rickety bridge, Mr Jim’s boat and the solitary burnt tree. I see someone walking in the distance towards me, relieved I call out. The person doesn’t answer but waves frantically. Next thing I know, he disappears. I run, nearly slipping, into the midst of a suffocating mist. I reach the place where I thought he was standing, but no one is there.This is extremely perplexing and annoying and I mumble angrily.

“So what did you see?” asked a loud voice.I turn around, “Who is that ?” “Why do you ask?”, I counter in irritation. “Nothing and no one in particular”, a shadow standing in front answers. My eyes nearly pop out and I sputter in surprise.

“This is my domain, my road” the long shadow continues to talk while I gape at him in surprise.” Go back, you are not welcome here”, it says.

“But I am lost, I am looking for my house “, “What are you talking about?” I ask. “Look at that hedge, walk past it and you will know”, the shadow says while hovering in the air. I walk to the hedge, and watch myself sprawled awkwardly, quite dead, I presume. It comes as a shock, as I am jerked forcibly towards the skies , while the shadow bends over my body and vanishes into it.





The star sat beside the moon, talking animatedly. A lot was there to be shared, the new galaxy in town, the running  away of the drawf stars and their passionate romance.The mysterious black hole that had been seen around town, swallowing everything it saw.There was a warrant out on it. And of course, the new handsome comet that came around every few years, stealing the hearts of young stars and teenage moons. He was the envy of wizened planets and old suns, the comet got around deep space alot.His tales never failed to regale his smitten audience.There was sad news too, the extinguishing of old galaxies, and the poor heavenly bodies who slid down a wormhole , never to be seen again.

The Moon, whole and shiny bright was enjoying his tetes-a-tetes with the pretty star.His schedule was boring and routine, he always welcomed titbits of gossip whenever he could. What would the universe do without gossip!



picture credit : tentree


I wave my hand through the air, feeling empty as it is so.

 I breathe the air feeling the emptiness fill inside me.

I shout out questions into the air, not expecting any answers as it is empty as before. 

I sing a song loud and brash, nothing stirs all is empty so the more.

 I walk the empty spaces of my heart , cause no one lives there any more.

 I wander into chapters of my life , a mute spectator to dramas galore.

The theatres are devoid of voices , silent as they have moved away to lives of their own.

 I, a caricature of a past self , ripped away by the looming emptiness.

I stand in darkness , I stand in darkness for empty is my core. 

A void , a black hole.






Lonely came and sat down at the table

stood staring at the sofa

walked into the empty bedrooms

went out to look at the trees

heard birds chirp and sing

Tried to make a phonecall

Hung up the call in haste, red-faced

Made a sandwich, but couldn’t swallow

Watched TV , a movie , crying inconsolably

Climbed up the stairs , lay down to sleep

Talked to insomnia , a good friend

Drank coffee, four cups a gulp

Saw the sun rise, which was not a surprise

Readied for work, worked till late

Decided to go to the lake

Swam into waters deep

Maybe there he could finally sleep

Ah, certainly.


Dark 8

The rustling of the leaves on the old oak tree was the only sound that could be heard in the shaded part of the meadow. The birds and crickets had fallen silent. A pale shadow hung from the branches of the oak tree, swinging in a jerking fashion. The shadow fell to the ground ,where it straightened itself up and walked to the gravestone marked by a granite slab .It lay on the ground beside and cried inconsolably, shrieking in pain. “Enough!” said a loud voice.”Stop this instant” the voice commanded . Startled and thus quietened,the shadow floated up to the branch on the old oak tree and melted away . The dark stood by watching , as it guarded the gates to the other world, making a note that this particular  one would be so welcome.

So what ?




So what ?

It doesn’t matter

Nothing matters

The moment is gone

Left with an ache , a sadness

A longing to seize that moment back

So what?

The skies didn’t fall

The sun shines, the birds sing

Life walks by with a busy stride

Gripe taunt cry

So what?

Open that other door

And step outside

So what?!

At least try!



(Musings of the soulful kind) so I like to think 🙂

Picture credit: tentree


Oh , the ripples of time

Riding out as waves

Weaving  the fabrics of moments

Timeless is the magic of

of fluidic seconds, scarcely apart

Oh , the ripples of time

So near , so far

Come  besides me

For I look not in haste

I know not the past

I know not the future

I know only the now

Cast a spell on me

So that I can see.

I too sing a song, of love lost

Of sadness unquenched

Come sing with me

Together we shall just be.