We write

book-1745183We write

Tapping keyboards in sombre delight

Watch them as they grow

Of all feelings we show

And then do not show

Hiding in plain sight

Looking askance at the wall

The writer’s block

Why should you be there at all

Words are mine

Mine …that is right

Shush and rush off

There is a brush with fate

Around that corner

Wait for me

It won’t be too long.

We write….

Tapping keyboards in sombre delight.


Somebody walking in the moonlight’s rain, silhouetted sharply against the lightning and thunder.

Somebody walking in the rain , the moon playing hide and seek with clouds sullen and dark.

Somebody walking in the night , weathered , beaten in the rain. Shadows clasp her soul, who they are no one never knows.

Somebody walking in the rain.Somebody walking in the rain….

Somebody is walking in the rain. Fast , though not at peace, troubled by the raindrops that sought to uncover her soul. The clinging of shadows grew stronger as they held on to the body.

Somebody is walking in the rain, the sound of the Wind grew louder as if to say , I follow you wherever you go,  listen to my voice as I screech your secrets out aloud.

I gather your pain and lay it bare for the elements to rule on your sins. The somebody walking in the rain, pretended not to hear, walking faster than before.

Somebody is walking in the rain, the thunder clapped, trees bowed to the wiles of the wind and hurtling raindrops.The pitter patter of the drops resounding to a gale of unspoken words and thoughts.

The skies blackened to a grim dark, angered at the hegemony of the clouds grey and stark that hid the world away.

The lightening roared and crackled , not too far as the eyes could see , the ears could hear as they closed in fright at the dance of the elements so contrite.

Somebody is walking in the rain , hurried , silhouetted, lost in the paths that flooded at the rainy onslaught.

Somebody who was walking in the rain, did not see the turn of events ,she had wrought.The pace of her footsteps hurried in the hope of escaping the karma of her thoughts so cruelly bought to life, a second it took , so many lifetimes erased in one shot.

Some body was walking in the rain.Somebody walking in the rain….

No more can I see from my window as I peer at the shadow a minute ago, I swear was that somebody in the rain who walked unknowingly into the arms of fate, that lay grinning in it’s wake.

A stumble , a fall , the waters of the lake rise to carry her away. The somebody who walked in the rain,hounded by the night , blinded by the raindrops never knew what lay her way, as she hurried to deceive all, but life wouldn’t have it that way.What a shame.

As I close my curtains I would like you to know, the burden of that day is not on me.A bystander sworn to secrets unknown.

And yes, there was somebody walking in the rain that fateful day.

To this day, I see that somebody who walks in the moonlight’s rain in eternal pain.



Book Launch

I am delighted to share with you the launch of my poetry book ‘OF SILHOUETTE WORDS AND MOONFLOWERS’ .This is my first book and it is an attempt to showcase the myriad hues of life .

Of Silhouette Words & Moon flowers  explores life silhouetted in expression , existence and experience.

The Silhouette is  a part of us, beings of day and night  , so succinctly described by Zara Ventris “I am the child of the Moon, being raised by the Sun, in a world walked by the stars and a sky drawn with flowers”.

Words , are eternal voyagers  in time, bearing  our feelings and emotions, steadfast in their loyalty to us.

Moon flowers are known to glow just like the full moon, they hold the meaning of the mysteries of the intuition , the mystical movement of the stars and moon, and are symbols of delicate femininity. 

“The moon has dripped gold onto us, from all of the nights that we laid awake under the stars , dreaming with our hearts and singing with our souls.”, these words by Emily Marie so aptly capture that essence I have tried to portray in this book.

There are five themes in this book . Paper Boat Trails  seeks to highlight the fascination and delight paper boats evoke with earthy metaphors  endeavouring  to look beyond the mists of reality.

There is a hearty welcome awaiting in my  imaginary land, In The Land of “Things to Write”  which talks about in as many poetic words, the writer’s block , stories of letters ,the frustrations and joys of writing.

Words Are Me  is an effort to bring out the light, joyful and sombre side of us.

Then there is the dark side of life, The Grey Twilight ,  that seeks to explore the other world and its shadowy undertones.

I have taken up Time as a theme to portray it’s permanence in our existence and the myriad ways it shows up in our lives.

These poetry works are an attempt to showcase fascinating hues of life with humour, truth and understanding.

This poetry book , seeks to enthuse thoughts and emotions , being forged from a woman’s perspective on life and love, with  silhouettes of words interspersed with the magical light of the elements as symbolised by the moon flowers.


It is this thread of magic interwoven in our lives

that makes us search for our own stars

walking in moon dust and star sun shine

painted  a little in the glow of moonflower blooms

for all of us are in the playgrounds of grief and joy.



I hope you enjoy reading the poems as I did enjoy writing them.

It is available on Smashwords ,Kindle ,Amazon, Flipkart and Zorba books.

Check it out and order your copy today.

KOMAL GUPTA ( tejaswiniaura)