Here and Now. Forever.


The power is in you.
The answer is in you.
And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal.
You are the answer. It’s never outside.
~ Eckhart Tolle


Book Launch

I am delighted to share with you the launch of my poetry book ‘OF SILHOUETTE WORDS AND MOONFLOWERS’ .This is my first book and it is an attempt to showcase the myriad hues of life .

Of Silhouette Words & Moon flowers  explores life silhouetted in expression , existence and experience.

The Silhouette is  a part of us, beings of day and night  , so succinctly described by Zara Ventris “I am the child of the Moon, being raised by the Sun, in a world walked by the stars and a sky drawn with flowers”.

Words , are eternal voyagers  in time, bearing  our feelings and emotions, steadfast in their loyalty to us.

Moon flowers are known to glow just like the full moon, they hold the meaning of the mysteries of the intuition , the mystical movement of the stars and moon, and are symbols of delicate femininity. 

“The moon has dripped gold onto us, from all of the nights that we laid awake under the stars , dreaming with our hearts and singing with our souls.”, these words by Emily Marie so aptly capture that essence I have tried to portray in this book.

There are five themes in this book . Paper Boat Trails  seeks to highlight the fascination and delight paper boats evoke with earthy metaphors  endeavouring  to look beyond the mists of reality.

There is a hearty welcome awaiting in my  imaginary land, In The Land of “Things to Write”  which talks about in as many poetic words, the writer’s block , stories of letters ,the frustrations and joys of writing.

Words Are Me  is an effort to bring out the light, joyful and sombre side of us.

Then there is the dark side of life, The Grey Twilight ,  that seeks to explore the other world and its shadowy undertones.

I have taken up Time as a theme to portray it’s permanence in our existence and the myriad ways it shows up in our lives.

These poetry works are an attempt to showcase fascinating hues of life with humour, truth and understanding.

This poetry book , seeks to enthuse thoughts and emotions , being forged from a woman’s perspective on life and love, with  silhouettes of words interspersed with the magical light of the elements as symbolised by the moon flowers.


It is this thread of magic interwoven in our lives

that makes us search for our own stars

walking in moon dust and star sun shine

painted  a little in the glow of moonflower blooms

for all of us are in the playgrounds of grief and joy.



I hope you enjoy reading the poems as I did enjoy writing them.

It is available on Smashwords ,Kindle ,Amazon, Flipkart and Zorba books.

Check it out and order your copy today.

KOMAL GUPTA ( tejaswiniaura)


A tapestry of faces, memories,
life gained, ingrained, shed, tattooed,
movie like scenes, a caricature I be,
buffeted, ricocheted,
swung, flung, drunk on Time,
years pass by, the odyssey continues.

Love, life, past lives threaded into the other, playing along, lessons learnt unlearnt.
We move on, we move inwards.
Inward labyrinths navigate,
find the needled seeded core.

Become more, become more.


World Book Day 2022.

The world is celebrating World Book Day. Books have always been a part of my life and today I feel strangely reminiscent of the experiences I have had, reading books. My earliest memories are of my father bringing back stacks of books from his official trips, just for me. He would hand them over to me and say read! Russian fairy tales, astronomy, Enid Blyton, The wishing chair series, and all assorted books of all subjects. I loved reading them and they fueled my love for writing and gave wings to my imagination. There were some high level books that I couldn’t understand but still read! Essay books, hymn books, spiritual growth books, physics,all were read with gusto ! My happiest memories are of being curled up on the sofa, reading, oblivious to the world. Comics were my next favorite. Amar Chitra Katha, Twinkle, Chacha Chaudhary ,Tintin , Phantom. The illustrations were spectacular and made reading so much fun.

I even directed a few plays based on story books with interesting characters, all when I was 10 or 12. It was fun translating the words into scenes and the results were hilarious and frustrating as well! We, children of the block had a whale of a time doing the practice runs. These particular memories are based in Srinagar, set in a rambling wooden house with a huge rose garden filled with cherry trees and poplars. Ah! Those were the days! Carefree and flying on the wings of imagination.

Till this day, these are my special memories. Wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Happy World Book Day!

Share your thoughts too!


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An ode to 22022022

An uncommon day calls for something less common,
a number uncommonly placed on a common day,
a date becomes uncommonly uncommon,
for us mortals, common in the unknown common,
an uncommon day feels eerily commonly uncommon,
a summons to commonly understand the uncommon.
same numbers one after the other, left to right
right to left, upside down or placed straight.
So writes a writer, a commonsensical common.

Just having fun!

Komal Gupta


#tejaswiniaura #twosday #22022022

#poetry #writing #palindrome #ambigram

Winter humans

These days are not enough

days of sunburnt mornings,
days of darkened sky evenings,
days of flypast time ceilings,
days of sombre thoughts,
a sun ray bright shines,
fights sodden cold climes,
reaches to outstretched hands,
a warmth underscored by
moody shenanigans.
Humans in disguise.


Whereabouts are we?

Thereabouts some place, says she.

Hearabouts with me, says Time.

Talk about confusion sublime.

Thinkabouts are dozen a dime.


Komal Gupta


This quote went viral on YourQuote, garnering many likes and comments. Time never ceases to amaze, an eternal mystery.


There is a silence of sorts,

echoes of voices, not for years heard.

Questions that rustle history books,

newspapers and screens,

creep along by-lanes, cities, villages,

knocking on closed doors, shuttered windows,

minds, souls, consciences of all.

For machinations of a sinister kind crawl,

beneath lines spoken or written openly,

salacious whispers chime incessantly.

medieval mindsets, having a field day.

We, the us, downtrodden yet worshipped,

for centuries seen everywhere,

but quiet as is stillness be.

By default, or by design?

or a choice to explicitly have resigned,

to these tirades, wilfully orchestrated.

Wonders amind, a mother, sister, daughter,

denizens of a great ancient land,

so hidden in plain sight.

The Truth lies in words, they say

and then often not in them, I believe

for some can be twisted rolled,

stomped upon, kneaded dough like

to fit into spaces others want

sometimes they are larger than life giants

in the making ,

needing a Draupadi to knock down them Goliaths.

Beware beware….Shakti rises stealthily.

*A poem on the courage of women in face of all challenges they have faced all through the centuries and even now in current times.Their rise cannot be stopped.

Gurugram Achievers Award!! Delighted and honoured!😊🌻

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